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Hazur Sant Trilochan Darshan Das Is a visionary


Hazur Sant Trilochan Darshan Das Is a visionary, humanitarian leader and The Second Spiritual Successor of Sachkhand Nanak Dham. He is a true Saint in terms of
Spiritual guidance and benevolence and showers immense love to all, irrespective
of what strata of society they belong to.

He has listened to millions of individuals around the world and shared their sorrows
and anxieties. He has strengthened them to overcome the miseries of day to day
life. He advised and conciliates on worldly issues as well as on significant
matters, such as how to achieve the state of Sunn Samadhi (the Ultimate
meditation state).


Hazur Sant Trilochan Darshan Das is the elder son of His Holiness Mahraj Darshan Das . He
was born in Batala Punjab(India) on 8th January 1978. His Spiritual journey
commenced at the age of ten years in 1988. For the last 25 years Hazur Sant
Trilochan Darshan Das has steered the reins of Sachkhand Nanak Dham
Organization, effectively administering its Spiritual, Cultural development and
Humanitarian activities. He has spread the name of Sachkhand Nanak Dham and Das
Dharam around the world. Millions of people have got Guru Mantra (Naam Shabad)
from Him for initiation.

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