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Satguru Darshan Das


Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala…

It was 16 th February 1980 ,a big Solar eclipse on that day. People were afraid to come out but His Holiness encouraged them to be fearless and come to Loni Darbar, to witness the start of a spiritual and moral revolution termed as Das Dharam.
Das means the servant of humanity and Dharam means the path of God.

The spirit of dedicating yourself and your whole life for serving the needy while following the path of God is Das Dharam in its true essence. Das Dharam believes in One formless God that never takes birth or dies and also in a Perfect Guru (Spiritual Master) who is the ultimate source and guide of divine wisdom and knowledge. Only a Perfect Guru shows us the way to become one with God Almighty.

His Holiness laid down the foundation of Das Dharam Based on five principles (5s).
SACH (TRUTH) – To always speak the truth.
SIDAK (CONTENTMENT) – To be contented in whatever circumstances the Lord has kept you.
SADH SANGAT (ATTEND THE CONGREGATION OF A PERFECT SANT) – To seek truth from a Perfect Spiritual Master (Guru).
SARBAT DA BHALA (DO GOOD FOR ALL) – To be always ready to help others and serve the needy.
SHAHADAT (SACRIFICE) – To sacrifice the five biggest evils of uncontrollable human nature – Anger, Lust, Attachment, Pride and Greed These are a Das’s five life time vows. Such pure morality and spirituality form the base of the benevolent services which are being performed by the followers of Das Dharam.




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