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Das Universal Academy

Das Universal Academy is a CBSE affiliated semi charitable school offering quality education to underprivileged society in Dehli (NCR), India founded by Ms Vibuthi Das in 2010. Ms Das is a qualified life coach, yoga instructor, inspirational speaker and a mindfulness practitioner bringing to life her vision of making an impact to society through the education of young children.

The Academy provides education to 10th Standard Board Exams and Senior Level 12th Standard Board Exams. Students benefit from vocational studies as well as a range of physical education classes including meditation, yoga, bhartiya sanskaras, horse riding, skating and swimming. They are also educated on good nutrition and hygiene practices.

The success of the Academy can be seen via the parents of the children attending who visibly see their personalities forming and are reassured at the prospect of their children working towards successful and prosperous futures.

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