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Huzur Maharaj Ji was an epoch-making the personality, a perfect sage on the world-state with his indomitable spirit and exceptional zeal to transform the torn and tormented humanity into the peaceful global community, on the strength of divine knowledge and self-sacrifice. He promoted non- violence, communal harmony, detachment to material wealth, and devotion to God. Huzur had a deep passion for His country, India. His love for the motherland was beyond description. He quoted “To love one’s country is the adoration of the Almighty”. He also composed many patriotic songs, praising the motherland and inspired people to love and serve their country. His message of non-violence and peace aggravated extremists. Ultimately His Holiness along with His two devotees Baba Satwant Singh and Chacha Joga Singh were shot by extremists in Dormers wells High School. South hall in U.K. The sacrifice of a divine sant brought peace to the world.

“ Oh Lord shower the world with peace. ”
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